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Digital Transformation Consultant with Digital Delivery

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Jairo Diaz

Jairo Diaz

Digital Transformation Consultant

About me

I am a Digital Transformation Consultant with Digital Delivery based in London. I advise my clients in finding digital solutions to improve the operational efficiency of their business processes and generating business value from large amounts of data through machine learning technologies.

As founder and CEO of codeScrum, I have worked as a consultant for different companies and institutions and I have implemented custom software solutions for them.

My clients include national governments (United Kingdom, USA), multinational groceries stores (Tesco Uk), real estate companies (CBRE UK), universities (UAL, UCL), high-growth startups (Headbox), agencies (Infosys), consultancies (PwC) and charities.


What i do

Helping companies to be very competitive by making custom software solutions to achieve their business goals.

Digital Transformation Consultant

I help companies to find digital solutions to their key problems, focused on increasing business productivity. Most of my clients have been advised of new ways of introducing digital technology in their business to create long-lasting effects on their operational models.

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Digital Delivery

I have expertise in managing the development of digital products. I have over 15 years of experience in software development and founded Codescrum to support the delivery of my client's projects. I have delivered more than 25 projects in the areas of Web, Mobile and Cloud applications for high-growth businesses.

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Community Sponsor

I enjoy programming and sharing this passion with the Open Source community in London through the monthly meetups: the Ruby Business UK and the Ruby Hacknight groups. Since 2016, I have been organising the London Ruby Unconference , where the Ruby community meets to learn from each other over a day with more than 16 technical sessions for more than 120 attendees.

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What i have done

Consultant at the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice, located in the City of Westminster in Central London, was the first major Government Department within the UK Government to have a large (120+ people) digital team working with Agile Methodologies.

I worked as a technical consultant for a year during 2013 and 2014. I led the development of the latest iteration of the Court Finder and participate in several other projects.

Previous to this work, Government services were delivered through paper forms and inefficient human operations.

By using digital workflows, the cost of delivery of the Citizen services was reduced, while improving the service levels via digital channels.

I participated in the business analysis, user research, software design and implementation of Government services for citizens.

As part of the MoJ, Jairo won second place at the Government Hackaton sponsored by MongoDB, more information about this event is available in the MoJ Digital blog here.

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Consultant for The Stage Castings

Established in 1880, The Stage is a British weekly newspaper and website covering the entertainment industry, and particularly theatre.

As a consultant, I led the development of a new digital product named Castings and successfully transitioned the product to The Stage for launch and operation with their own internal team.

The Stage offered actors job matching services via their weekly newspaper and they were looking to supplement and provision this service through a digital channel.

The new service allowed actors to record a presentation video and to apply for roles in shows in the theatres in London.

For art directors, the service simplified the identification and shortlisting of actors, based on audio-visual material submitted by the actors themselves.

As part of this role, I engaged with top senior management at the client and led a team of 3 developers to complete the total implementation of the new system under 9 months.

I participated in the user interaction design, implementation, acceptance testing and handover process of the system.

A case study on this project is available from This link.

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Organiser for the London Ruby Unconference

Starting in 2016, I have been the organiser of the London Ruby Unconference, a one-day event with multiple tracks, with discussion roundtables and workshops to learn specific skills about software programming with Ruby.

I also lead monthly events such as the Ruby Hacknight and Ruby Business UK Meetups, aimed at Ruby developers the first one and CTOs and Directors of companies running with Ruby for the second.

I have been a volunteer coach in several editions of Rails Girls that teaches women how to code, the London Computer Coding Club Wizzie Wizzie that teaches kids how to code and CodeBar.io that teaches underrepresented people how to program.

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Digital Delivery for 25+ Clients

I have lead and collaborated in the delivery of many and varied digital products and services, which span a range of verticals and activities.

The Digital Delivery of these projects was made through my own software development company codeScrum Ltd.

Case studies for this projects are linked below to my company.

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I was recommended Jairo and the codeScrum team by a friend who said they were the 'only dev team he would leave his young child with!'... Jairo, Miguel and the rest of the codeScrum team were very professional in their approach to the project in hand - some SQL database manipulation and Linux server configuration. Their communication skills, friendliness, clear communication and documentation made the project run smoothly and to schedule. Their background of working with UK Government Departments was also very reassuring. I wouldn't hesitate commisioning them again if I need something executing professionally and to schedule. It's good to have worked with a team who obviously know what they are doing".

by Dominic ConradSenior Designer at Pylon Design Consultants Limited

Jairo worked with us on a complicated technical build over a period of 6 months. He is a talented and accomplished developer whose significant experience and creativity leant a great deal to the project. The finished product is both impressive and exciting, and that's in no small part down to him. Jairo was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking top-end ruby on rails development expertise".

by Simon LodgeEngineering Portfolio Director & Recruitment Director at Centaur Media

Jairo and his codeScrum team are great to work with. They are attentive to all the details, expectations and efficient delivery. Importantly when something is not possible for any reason, rather than saying they can do it, they are honest about all options - saving time and building trust".

by Douglas ThackwayDoug's Dogs - Founder

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